How to Develop Management Experience, Even if You’re Not a Manager


The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

There are several traits that successful business leaders embody, including intellectual capability and technical skill. But one trait that sets a great leader apart is what is known as emotional intelligence or EQ. This is the ability to understand and use emotions in a way that positively impacts the organization, such as through managing stress and overcoming challenges. In this article, we will discuss why emotional intelligence is important and how you can implement practices to improve your EQ. What is Emotional Intelligence? As mentioned, emotional intelligence affects how people manage their… Read More

The Most Important Leadership Traits During COVID-19

Assume Good Intent

Positive intent is a powerful tool for both your personal and professional life. In the workplace, you will find that giving people the benefit of the doubt will increase trust within your team and will build your employees’ confidence as they learn that they are trusted to make the right decisions.

Yes, You Must Talk to Your Employees About Current Events!

As protests are spreading throughout the country, many managers are considering how to speak to employees about current events. While politics is commonly a taboo topic in the workplace, the current events go beyond politics, and it is now a topic that leaders must address. In this article, we will provide you some insights into how leaders are speaking out against racism and provide you with insights into how you can address your employees during this time of unrest. Addressing Inequality According to HR Technologist, racism, politics, and religion are the top… Read More

Top 10 Personality Traits of Great Leaders

It’s not easy to be a great leader. Leadership requires a unique set of skills and personality traits. Few people are born great leaders, but everyone can maximize their leadership skills and qualities. Many of us want to be better leaders, but don’t know where to start. There are many great books on leadership skills, but the effectiveness of skills is limited without the proper personality to execute those skills.   Develop these personality traits and be a great leader: Boldness. Being a great leader takes guts. As a leader, it’s your… Read More

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