Five Tips for Motivating Your Team Working Remotely

Five Tips for Motivating Your Team Working Remotely

During these times of uncertainty, many workers may be faced with additional pressure which can affect their motivation. You may be wondering what you can do to ensure that your team is succeeding from home. In this article, we will go through five tips that will help you motivate and engage with your employees remotely.

Operate Transparently

Many companies are facing difficulties due to the loss of customers and sales as the world is facing the economic repercussions of the global pandemic. If your company is experiencing a loss of revenue and is in the difficult position of having to cut employee benefits, salaries, or even furloughing employees, make sure to establish open communication with your employees and encourage them to reach out. Consider hosting virtual town hall meetings regularly to keep employees up-to-date with the company and encourage your managers to stay connected with their team through regular check-in calls. These are important to reduce the feeling of uncertainty that many people are experiencing at the moment.

Set Realistic Expectations

In addition to working from home, many people are taking on the additional role as their children’s teacher and caretaker. Some may also be dealing with sick family members or caring for aging parents, adding to the emotional pressure. This means that your employees may be unable to work as consistently as they would in the office. Make sure that you are setting realistic expectations for your workers and encourage them to seek assistance if they need help with their tasks.

Encourage Exploration

If your company is experiencing a lull in projects coming in, why not inspire employees to work on a passion project? Perhaps there is an area of interest for the organization that there simply wasn’t the time to explore before. This is a great opportunity to research new business opportunities if your employees have extra capacity. While many businesses are simply focused on surviving, this period could prove a valuable time for expanding business potential in the future. 

Remote Team Building

Being away from their colleagues undoubtedly has an impact on your team members. Normally, our employees see each other every day, usually building a bond within the team that leads to collaboration and support. In addition to team video conferences, you can also encourage managers to organize a virtual coffee break or a virtual happy hour. There are several free websites that enable us to have fun while being apart, including and House Party, and these can be great tools for remote team building.  

Trust Your Talent

While working from home certainly is different than being in the office, you must trust in the talent that you have hired. After all, you hired them for a reason, right? While motivation levels may be different than normal, working from home may lead to increased productivity or greater efficiency when working. Try to see this period as a learning experience and trust that your employees will do their best.

Undoubtedly, managers and employees alike are being tested during this unprecedented period in time. While employee motivation may be different than before, it is important to understand how you can encourage them while being apart. What have been some of the tactics you have used to encourage your employees? Tell us in the comments below!

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